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Decoding Exhibitions



Did you know that an exhibition, much like a work of art, delivers an encoded message? In mixed-age teams, students become spies as they take on a wide variety of fun challenges in order to crack the coded messages. For example: build a bridge out of Lego©, shape your dream vehicle out of modelling clay, be inspired by a Peruvian Fab Lab mentor, take a picture of your favourite artefact and create a work of art inspired by the artists featured at the Yvonne L. Bombardier Cultural Centre located across from the Museum.

This activity is tailored to the needs of groups from day cares and day camps.

Choice of activities:

  • Decoding Exhibitions: Transportation
  • Decoding Exhibitions: Contemporary Arts
  • NEW! Decoding Exhibitions: Fab Lab Generation (available from June 12th 2019 to March 6th 2020)
    Learn more about projects dreamed up and created by Fab Lab users from around the world. For example, check out the wooden bicycle designed in France – it’s easy to assemble and made from simple and recycled materials, making it cost-effective too! Admire a Taiwanese puppet theatre inspired by a puppet master and meticulously produced using digital tools with the aim of keeping the tradition alive. Ingenuity is revealed through games, challenges and experimentation. A new generation that has not finished surprising.