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Self-guided tours of the exhibitions



Permanent interactive exhibition
During self-guided tours of the Museum, visitors come to understand how Joseph-Armand Bombardier is a source of inspiration for the design of snowmobiles, trains and airplanes. As you engage with the numerous interactive displays, you become the star of a Ski-Doo® snowmobile advertisement; fly a C Series aircraft; imagine and test your vehicle of the future at the Idea Studio, and much more. Come and experience the life and work of J. Armand Bombardier at the Passion as a way of life exhibition, and learn about the Bombardier company’s vibrant evolution through the multimedia show A Passion for Success, produced by Moment Factory.

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Temporary interactive exhibition
Discover innovative bio-inspired designs used in the world of transportation. You’ll find some thirty natural specimens that share features with technological inventions, and have fun learning about them through the interactive displays.

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