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Here we offer you games or experiments to do online which have been developed by other oulets of science and technology with which we share our mission. Have fun while learning science and technology!

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    • ScienceXpress
    • Truth or Lie? The Game
    • Climate Tactics

    Montreal Science Centre


    You’re looking for a fun scientific experiment? Some cool DIY stuff? An awesome video? It’s all happening here!

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    Truth or Lie? The Game

    Put your critical thinking skills to the test and try to find all the hoaxes in the quiz. Then, create your very own hoax! Create a new animal species from scratch with photo snippets of different animals and landscapes.

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    Climate Tactics

    The Spirit of the Bear is rapidly losing its footing. The pack ice beneath its feet is melting away due to greenhouse gases. You can help. Eliminate the cloud so that it may find safety. Luckily, Indigenous communities have ways to fight climate change. Win this tactical card game by choosing the right techniques. Beware! The Spirit of the Trickster has more than one card up its sleeve…

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    Climato Tactique
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