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Commerce periodical publication Textual record

Jeu de société Race to the North Pole

Race to the North Pole board game Promotional item

Véhicule 1922

1922 vehicle Prototype vehicle

Véhicule 1935

1935 vehicle Véhicule chenillé

Motoneige Ski-Doo® Blizzard 640

1972 Ski-Doo® Blizzard 640 Snowmobile

All-track vehicle and Germain Bombardier Iconographic document

Facture B-12

B12 CS sales receipt Textual record

Autoneige B12 CS

B12 CS snowmobile Snowmobile

B12 key ring Promotional item

manuel B12

B12 snowmobile maintenance manual Textual record

B7 snowmobile Snowmobile

Brochure B7

B7 Snowmobile Sales Brochure Textual record


Badge Promotional item

boucle de ceinture

Belt buckle Promotional item

Motocyclette Bombardier Bantam Trail 2

Bombardier Bantam Trail motorcycle Motorcycle

Canot Bombardier 15

Bombardier Canoe 15 Marine product

VTT Aicha

Bombardier Outlander all-terrain vehicle All-terrain vehicle

Bombardier Ski-Doo® Snowmobile Elite Prototype Prototype vehicle

Calendrier de L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée

Bombardier Snowmobile Limited calendar Promotional item

BR-60 snow groomer Maquette Model

BRP inflatable kayak Promotional item

Caméra Joseph-Armand Bombardier

Camera belonging to Joseph-Amand Bombardier Personal item

Can-Am Spyder GS On-road vehicle

Can-Am® military 250 motorcycle Motorcycle

Verres CanAm 2

Can-Am® Motorcycle glasses Promotional item

Motocyclette Can-Am® T’NT

Can-Am® T’NT, 125cc Motorcycle Motorcycle

Cape fabriquée par Ski-Doo Sport Ltée

Cape made by Ski-Doo Sport Ltée Clothing

Jeu de cartes

Card Game Promotional item

Child’s sled Promotional item

Circa 2000 Snowmobile Snowmobile

CL-227 aircraft Maquette Model

CL-415 scoops Object

CL-84 aircraft Maquette Model

Carte de membre Club Auto-Neige

Club-Auto-Neige membership card Object

Cocktail fork Promotional item

Escalier écorché

Cutaway of the stairs to a Global Express aircraft Aviation

DS 650 Baja remote-controlled toy Promotional item

Plaque d'embossage 1

Embossing plates for L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Object


Exocet Sea-Doo® watercraft Prototype

Eyeglasses Personal item

Chapeau de feutre Ski-Doo

Felt hat made by Ski-Doo Sport Ltd. Accessory

Finnish pennant Promotional item

Trousse de premiers soins 2

First-aid kit and keychain Accessory


Gavel belonging to Joseph-Amand Bombardier Personal item

HDW pencil Object

Automobile tout-terrain Iltis

Iltis all-terrain vehicle Logistics vehicle

Autocollant voilier invitation

Invitation sailboat sticker Promotional item

J5 ashtray Object

Décapsuleur J5

J5 bottle opener Promotional item

Jean-Luc Bombardier’s expedition log book Textual record

Lapel pin celebrating L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée’s 10th anniversary Object

LRV tie clip Promotional item

Membership Card Personal item

MLW employee identification badge Object

Model CL-415 airplane Promotional item

Model Flexity Link tramway Promotional item

Modèle réduit d’un appareil CL-415MP

Model of a CL-415MP Object

Modèle reduit1

Model Ski-Doo® Nordicᵀᴹ snowmobile Promotional item

Moto-Ski emblem Object

Moto-Ski® Zephyr Snowmobile Snowmobile

Muskeg Industrial vehicle

NEV « Neighborhood Electric Vehicle » de Bombardier 

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) by Bombardier Electric vehicle

Bulletin d'information

Newsletter Textual record

Manuel Ski Doo avant

Nordic and Alpine Ski-Doo® driver’s manual Textual record

Flambeau face

Olympic Torch Object

Parka belonging to Jean-Luc Bombardier Clothing

Patron de moteur

Pattern Machine-tool

Photo JAB B7

Photograph of Joseph-Armand Bombardier
with a B7 snowmobile Iconographic document

Photographie de Marie-Jeanne Dupaul

Photograph of Marie-Jeanne Dupaul Iconographic document

Placemats Promotional item

Plan usine

Plan of L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée plant Drawing

Plaque d’impression tracteur J5

Printing plate and sales brochure, J5 tractor Textual record

habit j. villenuve 2

Racing suit belonging to J. Villeneuve Clothing

Rotax 2-TEC 800 SDI engine Mechanical part

Brochure vente at1

Sales brochure for AT-1 trailer camper Textual record

Sea-Doo® 320 Personal watercraft

Sea-Doo® Rubik’s Cube Promotional item

Appareil photo submersible de marque Sea-Doo®

Sea-Doo® submersible camera Promotional item

Sea-Doo® windsock Promotional item

Seal belonging to Alfred Bombardier Object

Palpeur et boite de rangement

Sensor and storage box Object

Registre de ventes Ski-Doo

Ski-Doo sales register Textual record

Motoneige Ski-Doo®, modèle MXZ TM  700 R Édition Jeux olympiques

Ski-Doo Snowmobile MXZTM 700 R, Olympic Edition Snowmobile

Ski-Doo® Chalet Prototype Snowmobile

Bas Ski-Doo

Ski-Doo® Christmas Stocking Promotional item

Lunette Ski-Doo

Ski-Doo® Goggles Accessory

Ski-Doo® Mirage II Snowmobile

Ski-Doo® snowmobile keychain Object

Ski-Doo® snowmobile patent Textual record

Ski-Doo® snowsuit Clothing

Skoot prototype

SKOOT Prototype Prototype vehicle

Casquette sport export a  4

SPORT EXPORT A Inc./Ski-Doo ’91 Series Cap Clothing

Sprocket Pattern Object

Camion TD biais

TD Truck Tracked vehicle Véhicule chenillé

Dessin technique du premier logo Ski-Doo®

Technical drawing of the first Ski-Doo® logo Drawing

Technical publication in Inuktitut Textual record

Toy, Ski-Doo® T’NT® snowmobile Object

tour a tourelle

Turret lathe Machine-tool

Prototype 1934

Vehicle prototype Prototype

Véhicule Vénus vu de droit

Venus On-road vehicle

Photo de mariage Joseph-Armand Bombardier

Wedding photo of Joseph-Armand Bombardier and Yvonne Labrecque Iconographic document

Wooden ski mould Machine-tool

J.-A. Bombardier

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