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Launch your project

Want to launch your project at the Fab Lab?
Here’s what you need to know!


  • The Fab Lab is open to the general public, ages 10+. Young people aged 10 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult who guides them on their project.
  • Groups wishing to use the Fab Lab must make a reservation.
  • Individuals wishing to use the Fab Lab must purchase an admission ticket for the Museum or have an Ingenuity membership.
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By reservation*
Tuesday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
No reservation required
Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
FDM 3D printing
SLA and FDM 3D specialty printing
Large-format milling
$15/part or $40/hour (when using our cutting machines)
Electronics bank
Electronic components billed individually
Laser cutter
Vinyl cutter
Materials from $0.15 to $0.25/linear centimetre

Launching a project can be simple… yet complex

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Decide what you want to create.

E.g. I want to build a cat house.

2. Make a general plan of your idea.

E.g. Make a sketch on a piece of paper. How many cats will be living in the house? Do you need to insulate it for winter?

3. Do a web search.

E.g. Enter “cat house” in the search engine. Do any of the results look like the house you have in mind? Visit sites with video tutorials, such as Instructables ou Thingiverse.

4. Make an appointment at the fab lab.

Or simply go to the Fab Lab when it’s open to the public.

5. Take as many notes and photos as possible.

This will help you document your project. Use Wikifactory to document your project.

6. Do a cost assessment for your project.

It’s always disappointing when you realize that you’ve gone over budget.

7. Take your time.

Simple projects often become more complex. You may not be able to meet your initial deadline.

Our tools

Laser cutter

  • Trotec speedy 300 co2 80w
  • Cost: $1/minute

  • Materials
    Wood, MDF, paper, carton, fabric, leather, certain composites, acrylic, ABS

    Maximum thickness 1/2″

    Prohibited: Lexan, HDPE, PVC, Vinyl

Vinyl cutter

  • Roland GS-24
  • Cost: $0.15/linear cm
    $0.25/linear cm (thermal adhesive)

  • Materials
    Self-adhesive vinyl, paper and thermo-adhesive vinyl (for fabrics such as cotton, hemp and polyester)

Flashforge Creator Pro 2

3D printer

  • Flashforge Creator Pro 2
  • Cost: $0.25/g (PLA) $0.50/g (TPU, Nylon, Carbon Fiber-PLA, Woodfill, Copperfill, Bronzefill)

  • Materials
    FDM PLA/PHA plastic 1.75 mm

    Printing volume
    200 x 148 x 150 mm

3D printer

  • Ultimaker 2+ Extended
  • Cost: $0.25/g (PLA) $0.50/g (TPU, Nylon, Carbon Fiber-PLA, Woodfill, Copperfill, Bronzefill)

  • Materials
    FDM PLA/PHA plastic 1.75 mm

    Printing volume
    342 x 493 x 688 mm

Digital desktop milling machine

  • Roland SRM-20
  • Cutting tool: $10 for 5 parts or $5/part,
    Cutting tool not included

  • Materials
    Cutting tools: 1/64″ to 1/8″

    Casting mould, aluminum, FR-4 circuit boards

Digital router

  • Shopbot Buddy
  • Cost: $40/hour, $5/part,
    Cutting tool not included

  • Materials
    Cutting tools 1/8” to 1/2” for wood, MDF, plastics and soft metals

    24″ X 35″ worktable

SLA 3D printer

  • Form2+ Formlabs
  • Cost: $0.50/millilitre

  • Materials
    Photoresists Precision, 0.01 mm
    Hard, flexible and jewelry resin (castable)

Digital embroidery machine

  • Brother LB1810
  • Cost: $5/part

  • Materials
    Embroidery on fabric 4″ x 6″ work surface

Sewing machine

  • Walking Foot
  • Cost: Free.
    Users should bring their own thread.

  • Materials
    Sewing machine for leather and thick fabric

Sewing machine

  • Singer
  • Cost: Free.
    Users should bring their own thread.

  • Materials
    Conventional sewing machine

Electronics bank

  • Cost: Free

  • Materials
    Everything you need to design and repair electronic circuits


  • Cost: Free

  • Materials
    – Arduino: Uno, MEGA, Lilypad
    – ST Nucleo
    – Raspberry Pi


Got an idea? Would you like to invent or innovate something, but don’t know where to start or don’t have the tools you need? Contact us for more information.

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