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Conquest through innovation
  • Variable schedule depending on the day

Take this guided tour and see behind the scenes at the Museum. Discover how Joseph-Armand Bombardier and his team succeeded in developing vehicles that can glide on snow and inventing a new winter activity.

  • icone Duration : 45 min.
  • icone + $5
  • groupe Accessible to groups
  • icone 10 max.
  • Available during spring break, summer hours (St. Jean Baptiste Day to Labour Day) and holiday season

Don’t miss it

  • See behind the scenes at the Museum
  • Discover the history behind the snowmobile
  • Make the most of your visit

Video clips

Listen to our video clips on vehicles kept in the reserve.

The 1922 Vehicle

Visite de la réserve : véhicule 1922 Icone__play-video.svg

1935 Vehicle

Capsule véhicule 1935 Icone__play-video.svg

B7 snowmobile

Capsule autoneige B7 Icone__play-video.svg

Muskeg tractor

Capsule Muskeg Icone__play-video.svg

1964 Ski-Doo Snowmobile prototype 

Capsule prototype motoneige Ski-Doo 1964 Icone__play-video.svg

MX Z 800 Ski-Doo Snowmobile

Capsule motoneige Ski-Doo® MX Z 800 Icone__play-video.svg

1974 Mirage

Capsule réserve : Mirage 1974 Icone__play-video.svg

1975 and 1980 Can-Am motorcycles

Motos Can-Am Icone__play-video.svg

1968 Sea-Doo® watercraft

Capsule réserve : Sea-Doo 1968 Icone__play-video.svg

1997 NEV

Capsule réserve : NEV 1997 Icone__play-video.svg

Circa 2000 Snowmobile

Capsule réserve : Circa 2000 Icone__play-video.svg

2004 Elite

Capsule réserve Alpine Icone__play-video.svg

Alpine snowmobile

Capsule réserve Alpine Icone__play-video.svg

1968 Olympique and Super Olympique Snowmobile

Capsule réserve plaisted Icone__play-video.svg

1985 Formula 1 Ski-Doo Snowmobile

Capsule réserve : NEV 1997 Icone__play-video.svg

Bombardier Outlander 400 H.O. all-terrain vehicle

VTT Outlander Icone__play-video.svg

The 1, 2 and 3 millionth Ski-Doo®️ snowmobiles

Les 1, 2 et 3 millionièmes motoneiges Ski-Doo Icone__play-video.svg

The Mark III military snowmobile

Mark III Icone__play-video.svg

The B12 CS snowmobile

Autoneige B12 CS Icone__play-video.svg

The 1957 R12 snowmobile

Autoneige R12 Icone__play-video.svg

The 1950 TN truck


The 1951 TD truck

Camion TD 1951 Icone__play-video.svg

The 1958 Muskeg Carrier, HDW Model


The 1929 Vehicle

Véhicule 1929 Icone__play-video.svg

The 1955 J5 tractor

tracteur J5 Icone__play-video.svg
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