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Comfortable? Test your Transport

  • From 22 June 2020
  • to 8 March 2022

Try your hand as a tester and see how, over time, designers and engineers succeeded in enhancing passenger comfort.

  • icone Duration : 60 to 120 min
  • icone Included in the admission fee

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  • Interactive tests
  • History of transportation
  • Evolution of passenger comfort

How much time do you spend every day getting from one place to another?

How many different types of transportation do you use? Are they always comfortable?

Explore how comfort affects the senses, and how this impacts people differently. You’ll be asked to connect with your senses, one after the other. Which do you like better: warm or cold temperatures? a firm seat or a soft one? Should sounds be louder or softer? What about lighting? Evaluate your own perception of comfort as you step into the role of tester!

Do the tests yourself: compare how insulation absorbs sound, examine the features of fabric designed to hold warmth, experiment with the intensity and colour of light until you can see clearly without being dazzled, and find the aroma that helps you relax and shed irritability.

Learn about the different principles used by researchers to improve the comfort of vehicles, and how passenger comfort has evolved over the past 50 years. Test and compare. What are the differences between a snowmobile from the 1970s and a 2020 model? between a metro car from 1974 and one from 2016? between an aircraft cabin from the 1990s versus 2018?

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