Temporary Exhibitions

Fab Lab Community

  • From 3 June 2019
  • to 9 March 2020

Learn more about this worldwide movement as you explore the Fab Lab Community exhibition and discover projects designed by Fab Lab users from around the world.


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  • Innovative projects from around the world
  • A passion for creating
  • Imagine a better future

Travel to faraway places to discover Fab Lab projects

Check out the wooden bicycle designed in France – it’s easy to assemble, inexpensive and made from simple and recycled materials. Admire a Taiwanese puppet theatre inspired by a puppet master and meticulously produced using digital tools with the aim of keeping the tradition alive. Examine a foot prosthesis made of PVC that is easily reproduced and affordable – a collaborative project between a Fab Lab in the Netherlands and another in Indonesia.


What is the Fab Lab Community? It’s a group of curious and passionate people who come together in fabrication workshops. Fab Labs are places where you can learn, imagine, create objects and share ideas. The community is made up of a host of local laboratories that form a global network, making resources and knowledge accessible to the whole community.

Got an idea?

Make your project happen at our Fab Lab.

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