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Temporary Exhibitions

Along the Line

Workers' Memories
  • From 5 April 2024
  • to 10 March 2025

Explore the captivating history of the assembly line at Bombardier and BRP from the time of Joseph-Armand Bombardier to the present day. Let yourself be guided by tales of workers’ memories that recount the fascinating evolution of assembly line work!

  • icone Duration : 45 to 60 min
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  • Discover a 1971 Olympique® 335 snowmobile in exploded format
  • Listen to testimonials from former employees
  • Observe artefacts from Bombardier and BRP history

Did you know that Joseph-Armand Bombardier’s first factory was built in Valcourt in 1940? Since then, the company has continued to evolve and innovate. Bombardier’s many constructions, expansions and improvements in working methods have left their mark in the history, and have contributed to the flourishing of the company that now bears the name BRP. Not bad for a family company that started in a rural region of Quebec!

In the exhibition Along the Line – Workers’ Memories, travel through 4 eras to discover the evolution of production from the original mechanical garage to today’s interconnected factories.

  • Learn about the construction of the first factories.
  • Feel the rapid increase of production caused by the dazzling success of the Ski-Doo®.
  • Witness the emergence of innovations, including the introduction of robots.
  • Discover how today’s factories have been perfected.

Throughout this adventure, let yourself be immersed in history as former employees share their experiences with you!

“[At the plant] we could give our ideas, I needed a job that could give me challenges, where I could innovate and where we could make changes [that was the case at Bombardier-BRP].” – Gérald Fontaine, 1969-2013

Gérald Fontaine, 1969-2013

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